Dafabet Bonuses and Promotions for New Users in India 2024

Here you will find up-to-date information about Dafabet bonuses and promotions for new users from India. You can use the bonuses for betting on cricket and other sports as well as online casinos.

Users from India can get bonuses from Dafabet.


Dafabet Welcome Bonus

The Dafabet Welcome Bonus is the easiest and fastest bonus you can get. It is very easy to understand: you just have to create an account, choose a username and password you like, fill in the required information, and make a deposit. Every new Dafabet user receives a bonus of 200% up to INR 20,000.

Please note that you have to make a Dafabet deposit of at least INR 1,000 or more to get the bonus.

Every new Dafabet user receives a welcome bonus of up to INR 30,000.

How to Claim Welcome Bonus?

After reading the possibilities of Dafabet welcome bonuses, you most definitely want to get your hands on it. But, how do we do that? Don’t worry, the process is really simple, and we’ll gladly present it to you. To get the welcome bonus, you need to:

  1. Create an account. First off, create an account. This is done by pressing the “Join now” button, and filling in your account and contact details, as well as basic information such as your first and last name, your phone number etc.
  2. Make a deposit. Now, after creating an account, you need to make a deposit. That’s where the bonus comes into play since when you will be making your deposit, you will see a bonus code field where you will need to fill in one of the two bonuses that we presented before. And remember, you need to deposit at least 1000 INR or more.
  3. Enjoy. That’s it. After doing these steps, the bonus will be automatically added to your account, so you can start making bets and have fun!

Bonuses are available for users of the official website and the Dafabet app for Android and iOS.

To get the Dafabet welcome bonus you need to register a new account.

Dafabet Bonuses Terms and Conditions

Let’s all agree that having bonuses is nice. But, like any other bookmaker, Dafabet also has its own terms and conditions for bonuses. You may get startled by the thought of it, but don’t worry, they’re really simple. Let’s run through them real quick.

  • The offers that are available are exclusive for all players who use INR as a currency and who will make their first deposit in Dafa Sports;
  • Draw, voided, cashed out and refunded bets will not count as bets that are included in the wagering requirements calculation;
  • The first deposit bonus will expire in 45 days;
  • You can’t create multiple accounts. This is made to prevent scamming and cheating;
  • Suspicious players will not be able to get their hands on the bonus;
  • Only one player and one offer per player are allowed;
  • Dafa Sports has the right to cancel the promotion.

Check out Dafabet's bonus rules and conditions.

Dafabet Bonuses And Promotions for Indian Players

Sure, having a welcome bonus feels great, and with Dafabet’s choice of welcome bonuses, it feels even better. But, is that it? Do they not have any more bonuses? Don’t worry, of course, they do have more bonuses. Actually, Dafabet offers its players a big number of bonuses to choose from. And, you can also choose between bonuses for sports or casino. So, what are the bonuses? Let’s find out.

Indian Premier League Duck Refund

With it, you can get a refund on your pre-match Top Batsman bets if the player of your choice decides to duck! The bonus will be automatically added to your account and is available on every single Indian Premier League 2024 match.

Dafabet offers a special bonus for betting on the IPL.

Weekly Prize Giveaway

This is not so much a bonus, as a test of your luck. Dafabet gives away nice presents, such as phones or cars, every week. So to take part in this giveaway, you need to join Beach Masters, and you will get a chance to win the Special Prize of the Week.

You can earn weekly prizes at Dafabet.

Exchange Refund Bonus

Here, all you need to do is simply play with Dafabet, and you will get a chance to receive 50% cashback of up to 1,000 INR.

Dafabet offers refunds of up to INR 1,000.

Prediction Challenge

With it, you can get a 350 INR free bet weekly on your Celtic FC correct score prediction.

Dafabet provides additional bonuses for predictions.

100% First Day Refund

It’s pretty self-explanatory. You can get up to 1500 INR on your first day of betting. To get it, simply fill out the opt-in form. After that, you will receive a one-time 100% first-day refund of up to 1500 INR.

You'll get a 100% refund for the first day at Dafabet of up to INR 1,500.


Even though we tried to cover every single detail of bonuses and promotions, you may still have your own questions. Let’s answer them!

Is it safe to use Dafabet’s bonuses?

Absolutely. Dafabet is a licensed bookmaker, so there’s no way you will somehow get lied to or get scammed. Dafabet does everything possible to ensure that you get the best experience of gambling.

Can I contact Dafabet’s support team if I have problems?

Of course you can. Dafabet is a bookmaker that has one of the best support teams. So feel free to ask them any questions you want, be it questions about bonuses or questions of other kind, like questions about bets on sports, games and casino.

Are the bonuses presented here the only bonuses and promotions that Dafabet has to offer?

Of course not. While we have covered some of the bonuses, you can easily check all the bonuses and promotions of Dafabet by pressing the “Promotions” button. There, you will see the list of all the bonuses that Dafabet has to offer. They are separated by sports, casino, and games, so anyone can choose the bonus they like the most, since the variety is really big.

Do I have to do something to get the welcome bonus?

Yes, but the process is really simple. All you need to do is create an account or log in to your newly created account, click on the “Deposit” button, choose the deposit method you like the most, and enter one of the two bonus codes presented earlier in the bonus code field. After that, the bonus will automatically be added to your account.

Are the bonuses getting refreshed?

Yes. Dafabet knows that bonuses play a big role in customer’s interests, so they constantly refresh their bonuses so that you have as much choice as possible.

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