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Prazad Player

5 Verified review
I would definitely recommend Pin-up to anyone who wants a reliable and trusted partner in their betting journey. The app has very safe and secure payment options. They also have quick payouts and to build more trust they also give very generous bonuses.

Neytik Player

5 Verified review
Pin-up has a unique user interface which has made betting very easy for me as navigating between different sections is almost seamless. To top that they also give very generous bonuses throughout the year. The payouts are also quick.

Madhukar Choudari Player

5 Verified review
Pin-up has definitely earned my trust with the secure and efficient payment modes that it provides. They provide several options to bet on. But it’s the app’s reliability that keeps me coming back.

Dzhagdzhit Player

5 Verified review
The odds provided by Pinup are very competitive, and the app’s interface is straightforward, which allowed me to place bets without any hassle. Payouts are processed quickly, and I’ve never had issues with withdrawals. However the withdrawals can also be made a little quicker.

Merali Player

5 Verified review
Before trying Pinup I’ve tried a few other betting apps also and let me assure you that Pinup stands out for its generous promotions and bonuses. They definitely add value to my betting experience. Apart from that the only place where they can improve is customer service which took a while to respond.

Adzhitt Player

4 Verified review
The Pinup app has its strengths and weaknesses. While it tempts with its user interface which makes navigating in the app very easy and it provides some very good odds. There have been lags during peak betting times which some users might not want.

Lochan Player

4 Verified review
As a sports enthusiast, I love the live betting feature that is there on the Pin-up app. It makes the games very exciting, however sometimes during live betting I experienced a little lagging. The overall experience is really positive.

Kalidas Player

4 Verified review
Pinup has a unique payment system as it provides instant deposits and withdrawals. The deposit option also supports multiple payment modes which the other apps didn’t.The interface is an added advantage.

Brama Player

5 Verified review
Pinup’s design is modern which makes it very easy for the user to navigate through different sections of the app. Additionally they also have a lot of bonus and promotion offers going throughout the year which makes it even more lucrative.

Rakesh Player

5 Verified review
The Pin-up app has impressed me like no other betting app has ever done and I have used most of them. The Pin-Up app has given me a unique experience, it has a very sleek design and gives me a variety of options to bet on. I have really won some good payouts by using the app.

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