Percentage of Bank Cricket Betting Strategy

Percentage of Bank cricket betting is one of the simplest and most dependable betting tactics. In this case, the bettor places bets of various amounts, while the casino balance remains the same throughout.

This strategy works like a charm whether you’re into cricket betting online or some other sport. You place bets of various sizes based on how much of an experienced bettor you are, and each bet is calculated as a certain percentage of your bankroll.

Very often, this strategy is also referred to as Dynamic Bank. That means the bet amount grows or shrinks depending on the size of the casino balance. The larger your bank is, the higher bets you can allow yourself to place.

Percentage of Bank method outperforms flat betting or other types of cricket betting strategies.


Percentage of Bank Betting Strategy: How Does It Work?

The goal of Percentage of Bank cricket betting is to keep your bankroll intact while increasing or decreasing your bet amounts. 

There are 4 types of this betting tactic:

  • Static. Here, your set bet amount will always be 1%-2% of your bankroll. Most cricket betting novices apply this strategy to avoid bankruptcy. As you better grasp the system, you can slowly increase your bet amount.
  • Academic. In this case, the bettor places bets between 3% and 5% of the bank. This is the most neutral option and is a top pick among the Percentage of Bank cricket betting participants.
  • Aggressive. High rollers tend to opt for the aggressive method and bet 6%-10% of their bankroll. Here, it’s either a win or lose situation. It’s the riskiest option and not recommended for cricket-betting newbies.
  • Chaotic. High rollers sometimes bet more than 10% of their bankroll, which poses a high losing risk for the player and is not a strategy many swear by. If you’re serious about making money off of the Percentage of Bank cricket betting, this approach won’t be of much help.

Many experienced bettors also recommend that players determine the bet amount according to the type of bet they’re placing. For example, in an accumulator bet, each wager must bring in money for the bet to win. In this case, betting Static-style would be ideal. On the other hand, you can take a riskier approach to single bets and bet in the Academic range.

Will It Increase My Chances of Winning?

We’ll now provide an example of the Percentage of Bank cricket betting to determine whether it improves your chances of winning.

Let’s say your casino balance is $200. You decide to place a cricket betting stake at 3% of your bankroll, and thus, your fixed bet amount would be $6. Let’s also assume the cricket game you’re betting on has winnings odds of 2. 

Your new casino balance will be $206 (200 + 6) if your bet wins.

If you stick to 3% of your bankroll per bet, your casino balance will increase with every winning bet. But this also means that you’d have to bet more money every time. So, your following bet will look like this: 3% of $206 = $6.18. 

If you lose the bet, your bankroll will be minus $6.18. If you win, you’ll have to increase your wager once again. 

To sum up, this cricket betting strategy does not increase your chances of winning. The point of the Percentage of Bank tactic is to help you determine your ideal bet size.

Tips For Novices

The Percentage of Bank cricket betting strategy is often compared to flat betting. Flat betting is when your casino balance fluctuates, but your bet size remains the same. You can see how bettors could confuse the two.

But which one is more efficient for players? Let’s take a look:

Let’s say your bankroll is $1,000, and you bet 5% of it per stake. Thus, the outcome of 3 consecutive bets with a win-loss-win streak at odds 2 would be:

Number of betsOutcome of betPercentage of Bank Cricket Strategy Flat Betting Cricket Strategy
1st betWin$1,000 + $50 = $1,050$1,000 + $50 = $1,050
2nd betLoss$1,050 – $51 = $999$1,050 – $50 = $1,000
3rd betWin$999 + $49.9 = $1,048.9$1,050 + $50 = $1,100

The outcome is: $1,048.9 vs. $1,100. One might think that this makes the flat betting strategy better. However, many opt for Percentage of Bank cricket betting because it helps gamblers recover from a losing streak.

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To summarise, the Percentage of Bank method outperforms Flat Betting or other types of cricket betting strategies. This strategy is appropriate for rookie bettors who struggle to calculate winning odds. 

This is the method to use if you’re betting on cricket for the first time. If you have a long losing streak and you never wager outside of your betting range, you can protect your bankroll in the long term. And, of course, if you go on a winning streak, your bankroll will grow in either direction.

We can state that the Percentage of Bank cricket betting strategy isn’t the most efficient in terms of long-term profit. However, it is the safest option when betting and will not cause lasting financial harm.


Why Should I Use a Cricket Betting Strategy?

Players should always choose a cricket betting strategy before placing a stake. This will help you gain control of your bankroll and not lose too much money.

Can I Win Money By Using the Percentage of Bank Betting Strategy?

Yes, you can win some cash through this strategy if you abide by the rules. Of course, the result only depends on how successful your betting streak is.

Will Percentage of Bank Increase My Chances Of Winning?

The Percentage of Bank cricket betting strategy doesn’t improve the chances of winnings. It merely serves as a pointer for players that don’t know how much they should wager per stake.

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