How We Rate Bookmakers

To advise bookmakers and generate an up-to-date ranking of sites and apps, we have developed our own ranking methodology. It consists of the most important criteria by which every bookmaker that operates in the sports betting market in India is evaluated.

Criteria List

Each bookmaker or online casino that is featured on our site receives an individual rating. Naturally, not everyone may agree with our assessment, but we have tried to structure the evaluation process in such a way as to take into account the needs of the majority of bettors in India.

  • Official License – by whom and when issued, what services are covered.
  • Customer Support – quality of support service, response time, communication channels.
  • Types of Bets – availability of bets in line, live, express and other types.
  • Deposit Methods – what payment systems are available, what fees are provided.
  • Withdrawal Time – how quickly you can withdraw your winnings, availability of limits.
  • Bonus Program – varieties and size of bonuses, wagering and activation rules.

Other Parameters To Which We Pay Attention

Above are the main criteria we rely on for rating. In addition to these, there are additional things that can affect the final rating. These are:

  • Design and navigation;
  • Range of matches and tournaments for betting;
  • Availability of a mobile app;
  • Availability of local languages (e.g. Hindi or Bengali);
  • Referral program for users;
  • Account registration methods;
  • Accepts different account currencies;
  • Minimum deposit and withdrawal amount;
  • User reviews on our website and other resources.

Final Words

We have presented to you our system for evaluating bookmakers who offer online cricket betting for Indian users. As the betting market develops, so does our ranking system, which can be supplemented with new criteria and requirements for security or functionality. We hope you have understood why a bookmaker has a particular rating.

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