Frequently Asked Questions About Cricket Betting in India

Users from India have a lot of questions about how to bet on cricket, what deposit methods to use, how to withdraw winnings, and many others. Our experts have analyzed all the questions and answered the most popular questions about cricket betting in India.

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about cricket betting in India.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use for Cricket Betting?

Depending on the services you use, there are many transaction systems, i.e., deposit methods to use. You can either use a traditional banking system or e-wallets; we recommend using cards and e-wallet platforms because they provide instant transactions and a secured portal through the payment gateway. In some of the countries of the globe, e-wallets have not reached their full potential. The following methods are available in most of the sites you’ll come across:

These are the most used deposit methods around the world, especially in India. To deposit money into the sportsbook, register and get started with any banking as mentioned above systems and integrate it with the platform!

How Long Will it Take To Withdraw My Winnings From Cricket Betting?

In some of the sportsbooks, withdrawing takes at least 2-3 business days, and some require no time at all. Depending on the service, it may take several days or happen instantly! Cashing out is possible instantly when using e-wallet services, and it requires no paperwork at all. It might take up to 30 minutes to successfully cash out your winnings in that method. However, if you’re using credit cards like a MasterCard or Visa, it might take several business days to approve and reach your wallet. Because it requires authentication from different sources, which requires time, using cryptocurrencies is an intelligent way because cashouts can be done in 12 hours using various cryptocurrencies. It’s anonymous because of the global blockchain system. 

How To Bet Online on Cricket?

Various sportsbooks are offering different services on the internet on different sports and fixtures. For cricket, follow the Indian bookmakers and find the one that suits you the best. Although not very complex, gambling on cricket with an authentic and legit site can be achieved through a bit of research. Don’t worry; we have prepared a list of procedures that you can follow to minimize your search and to lead you in the right direction:

  1. Select an authentic sportsbook that’s convenient for you in terms of availability, legitimacy, and compatibility;
  2. Register or sign up with the company, using actual location and accurate identification;
  3. Recharge your sportsbook to gamble that internet credit in your favorite tournament fixtures;
  4. Gamble Responsibly!

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What Is the Best Site to Bet on Cricket in India?

The best site should consist of some essential quality to be granted as best in India. The site must be available, licensed from the authorities, and have servers in some offshore countries where gambling is legal. Considering all these factors thoroughly, and after a brief research, it seems safe to say that Parimatch is the best site to bet on cricket from India because it’s legit, offers generous bonuses, and has a massive crowd of Indian bettors. You can read the rating of the best sites for cricket betting from our experts.

Can I Have Multiple Accounts on Different Cricket Betting Sites?

Yes, it is a clever strategy to have multiple accounts on different bookies because gambling can be on many sectors of a cricket match, and it’s always nice to have a backup. However, multiple accounts on the same server might get your account banned for life. Besides that, you can use as many services as you want, juggling your options and making plans for each one. 

What Is the Best Cricket Betting App in India?

Many cricket betting apps provide cricket gambling services on the internet, and more are rising on the market every day. However, the best app is the one that provides a seamless experience, simple navigation, and easy transaction methods. Considering all of the factors mentioned, Parimatch holds the title of the best betting app on the market because of its massive popularity, extensive amenities, and legitimacy.

Is Betting on Cricket Legal in India?

The question of legality is a never-ending discussion and a contradictory subject. In many of India’s states, gambling is illegal, and promoting gambling is punishable. However, when gambling is done online, there is no law to stop or regulate those. So we have stumbled upon a loophole in the system, suggesting that it is neither punishable nor illegal to bet on India, neither is it clearly legal. 

What Is a Cricket Betting Bonus?

Cricket betting bonuses and incentives are basically the rewards and amenities offered by the gambling authority for the newcomers or the existing valued customers to encourage, enthuse, and energize the players to participate more in the drafts and tournaments of the sport.

Can I Bet on Cricket in Indian Rupees?

Betting with Indian rupees is possible in some of the prominent brands on the market. Not every sportsbook accepts INR; amongst the ones that do, Parimatch, 10cric, 1xbet are the most trusted and reliable services. 

What Cricket Tournaments Can I Bet on?

Depending on the service, many tournaments are available for wagering. The most popular tournaments that get the most attention and the most wagers are IPL, BPL, Ashes, and the T-20 world cup. 

What Is Top Batsman Betting?

Cricket betting is divided into many fractions and choices of alternatives. Amongst them, one is Top batsman, which refers to the fixture’s most prominent batsman. You have to select the player who is likely to become the most scoring batsman in the fixture and put your wager on that educated guess.

What Is Top Match Batsman Betting?

The top match batsman betting simply refers to the best batsman of the match, who scored the most runs using fewer deliveries. You have to make an educated guess about the match’s most performing batsman who will score the highest.

What Is Top Bowler Betting?

Top bowler betting is an option to place your wager on the bowler that performs the best in terms of wicket-taking, dot balls, and fewer runs in most deliveries. Make an assumption about the bowler who is likely to take the most wickets while giving fewer runs.

What Are Cricket Betting Odds?

Odds are simply the chances of winning a wager. Cricket betting odds refer to the chances of winning different kinds of bets for the player. For example, in a simple coin toss, there can be two outcomes. So the odds of winning a wager on a coin toss is 50%.

What is the Minimum Bet on Cricket?

Depending on the gambling service, the minimum bet can be as low as half a dollar. In Parimatch, the minimum wage on cricket is around 50 INR, and there is no limit to the highest bet taken, so gamble responsibly.

What Are the Formats of Cricket Betting?

There are many gambling options and types, But there are basically four formats that consist of many other types. Those are:

  • Match betting: Winner/loser, best batter, best bowler, etc.;
  • Team propositions: Winner of a match/tournament, team scores, etc.;
  • Player propositions: Player of the game, half-centurion/centurion, etc.;
  • In-play propositions: Run per over, run in next ball, etc.