How To Bet on Cricket Online in India

In this article, our experts have explained in detail how to correctly bet on cricket online to users from India. You’ll learn how to properly register on cricket betting sites, make a deposit and place your first bet. Let’s go!

Learn how to bet on cricket online in India.


Choose a Cricket Betting Site

Selecting particular sites or cricket betting apps can be strenuous, to say the least. And for that reason, we have made a list with our top picks for placing a wager on cricket:

You must know that the list on the top isn’t just randomly generated. Each of those had criteria to fill in, and they landed as the best. Take a look at how you can do that all by yourself as well:

  • See what are the conditions of the promotions and if they are client-oriented;
  • The past of a person often indicates their present. So, make sure to explore their history in the industry;
  • Look for the encryption and the type of security they provide;
  • Look for the quality of the betting market on the platform.

Choose the best site to bet on cricket in India.

Create a Cricket Betting Account

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create a new account on three popular cricket betting sites.

How to Register a Betting Account at Parimatch in India?

Let’s look at the registration process for Parimatch for users from India:

  1. Move to the profile section of the bottom line of the Parimatch app or website;
  2. Tap on the signup and proceed to fill in the mandatory details they ask, such as name, address, phone number;
  3. Now you’ll need to create a strong password. A weaker one will not be accepted, as an outside party can easily exploit it;
  4. Now they will prompt you to verify your phone number. A code will be messaged directly to your smartphone. Fill in that secret code and confirm that you are the user of that number. 

After the verification, your account will be constructed, and you can have all the services by phone or PC.

Register a new Parimatch account to bet on cricket.

How to Register a Betting Account at Melbet in India?

Let’s look at the registration process for Melbet for users from India:

  1. The first order of business is that you need to enter the homepage through the Melbet app, the mobile site, or PC. Pretty much every one of them kind of has similar layouts;
  2. As the layouts are identical, you’ll have to scout in the top right corner to find a specific “Sign Up” button;
  3. A newer aspect would be the use of a referral code that you need to have obtained previously;
  4. Get all the details about yourself correctly noted;
  5. It is better to accept the bonus and provide the promo code to it while you are in the process of creating the account.

The ending is done using a one-click process that can be achieved via social media account/ personal number/ email.

Register a new Melbet account to bet on cricket.

How to Register a Betting Account at Betwinner in India?

Let’s look at the registration process for Betwinner for users from India:

  1. Go to the official site from your computer or smartphone, or use the Betwinner mobile app;
  2. A floating notification appears at the beginning of the page that you can use to sign up with one click;
  3. You can choose one-click, by number, by mail, or on social media;
  4. Specify your country of origin and the currency you want to use;
  5. Type in the promo code BWINNER21 to receive the entry promotions.

Betwinner will create and send you a username and password when the procedure is complete.

Register a new Betwinner account to bet on cricket.

Choose a Deposit Methods

From the best monetary deposit methods, we have taken the best ones and described them in detail.


This digital wallet can be used to interact and link with your bank account in your local area. All the monetary activities can be concluded with Skrill working as a secured middle man. You will find that it is very accustomed to the uses of India as well.

Use Skrill to make a deposit to a cricket betting site.


This is also an e-wallet that can be used as a medium among the bank and the betting site. The cost of fee taken by Neteller is meager and the account setup is also relatively easy. You will find that almost all the local banks and the site for wagering have this method as a viable option.

Use Neteller to make a deposit to a cricket betting site.

Astropay Cards

The idea of the Astropay Cards generates from being a virtual credit card. The reason beyond the rising popularity of this card is due to the factor of secrecy. If you use Astropay Cards, then you don’t have to reveal your identity to any third-party clients. 

Use Astropay Cards to make a deposit to a cricket betting site.


It is a multilingual payment system designed for transfers via portable devices. That is why the company’s name stands for pay through mobile. If you are from India, check if PayTM is supported by your bookmaker.

Use PayTm to make a deposit to a cricket betting site.


Having the United Payment Interface in the gambling site is proof of how much they are dedicated to the Indian audience and compatible with the countries betting cultures and norms. It is because this system is only exclusive in the region of India. It can simply be considered as the safest procedure in the country, as it is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. 

Use UPI to make a deposit to a cricket betting site.

Depositing Money into a Cricket Betting Account

What matters in this part of your betting journey is knowing the transaction methods that are feasible on a site. The following steps are traditionally necessary and similar in almost all cricket betting sites:

  1. Get to the deposit option after you access the site using your account;
  2. Designate a transaction method that is compatible with you;
  3. Wire it through your bank account to your betting account.

Deposit money to bet on cricket online.

Learn About Cricket Betting Odds

As one of the most influential factors that will affect your outcome, you must know the cricket betting odds. There aren’t any magic tricks that tell you how to bet on cricket and win, but they are odds.
Odds are the result of determining which team has the more potential to win a match. It can also be the determiner for players or different types of wagers. There is always a team that has the most possible outcome of getting the win out of a match. The odds are created to increase the thrill and reduce the obvious winners from continuously getting the bets right.

Study the odds for betting on cricket.

How Cricket Betting Odds Work?

The selection of the odds is somewhat inclined within the three major types. These odds are mostly found on any cricket betting site. But the selection of these odds depends upon the personal choice of the punters.

Type of oddsDescription
Fractional or British OddsYou’ll take notice that these types of odds are expressed via the use of a slash sign hyphen. The end result might look something like this – 9/1. It is pronounced as nine to one. 
Decimal or European OddsThe calculations as a whole are perhaps the easiest to understand in this type. A number is presented in such a way that it shows the cumulative amount of the money you will get and not just the prize. 
Moneyline or American OddsThe odds are presented to the clients using the plus and minus signs. The dichotomy between the teams is made with the favorite and the underdog terms. Minus will represent the team with a higher chance of winning, and the plus is for the other.

There are several types of cricket betting odds.

Place Your First Cricket Bet Online

The process of betting on cricket, in general, is not very different depending on the bookmaker. However, there are nuances and trivia everywhere. Our experts have prepared step-by-step instructions for betting on cricket at three popular bookmakers.

How to Place a Bet on Cricket at Parimatch?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your first cricket bet at Parimatch:

  1. Sports Selection. After you enter the vast collection of sports in Parimatch, you’ll have to pick cricket as your aimed sports;
  2. Slip and Odds. The next part is to select the odds and picking up a favorite type of wager. When you commence that action, the site will give you the slip as evidence;
  3. Wagering. You’ll need to wager some cash to make the bet. This can be done using the existing cash that is saved in your account, or by depositing the money while placing it;
  4. Finishing. All that will be left to do is to complete the process and wait for the endgame.

Make your first cricket bet in Parimatch by following the instructions.

How to Place a Bet on Cricket at Melbet?

Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your first cricket bet at Melbet:

  1. Getting Started. Much like every other platform, you’ll need to access through your account in this one as well;
  2. Picking the Sport. Your next course of action will be to search for the betting option, where you will find all the sports lined up one after the other. Now click on the cricket icon to make all the stakes appear before you;
  3. Stakes. You’ll need to select a stake to put your money on it. It includes choosing the odds as well;
  4. The Money. If you want to place the wager, a deposit has to be made. Do that and test your luck.

Make your first cricket bet in Melbet by following the instructions.


The process of betting isn’t exactly rocket science. But still, you must look out for plenty of aspects with good research skills. As the internet is pretty stacked up with numerous pieces of information, we don’t think you will struggle in any way to find the answer. If you are into it, then you should just go for it. 

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