How to Bet on Cricket Online in India?

Online betting on cricket is incredibly popular in India and many other regions of the world. Since cricket is the most loved sport among Indian sports fans, local betting experts and enthusiasts really enjoy placing wagers on different cricket events. That is why it is the best time to learn all the ins and outs of betting. You have a wonderful opportunity to join other Indian betting fans and start winning money and prizes on online cricket betting. This cricket betting guide is intended to provide inexperienced bettors with as much useful information as possible. Study the material carefully to understand all the important details and learn how to place professional cricket bets. Do not forget that betting is not just luck, and you need to use your knowledge to analyze sporting events and place profitable bets

Learn tips and tricks on how to bet on cricket in India now.


Cricket Betting Glossary

Below we look at popular terms and expressions in cricket betting.

Betting Exchange

A betting exchange is an alternative way to place your bet. While regular online betting means that the player is betting against the bookmaker company, a betting exchange is an opportunity to bet against other players. You can use your knowledge and professionalism to defeat other bettors and win money.

Try betting excchange to win other bettors.


Bookmaker in online betting is a betting company that allows you to place a wager and win money. Bookmaker’s experts analyze sporting events and set the odds. Online betting is betting against the bookmaker, and bookmakers pay your winnings after successful bets.

Our cricket betting guide will help you to choose your best bookmaker.


Back betting is the most simple and popular way to place wagers on different sporting events and tournaments. Back betting is just predicting how the event is going to end. Players place their bets on a certain outcome of the match and win if their prediction comes true.

It's a great type of betting for new and inexperienced bettors.


Lay betting is the complete opposite of back betting. It is still betting against the bookmaker, but lay betting is predicting something not to happen. Unlike back betting, you don’t need to know who is going to win. Just knowing who is going to lose is enough.

Try this way of betting at the online bookmaker platforms in India.

Types of Banking Options

If you want to start betting on cricket, you need to prepare for your first deposit. Do not forget that some payment systems are not available in different countries. The most common banking options are:

  • eWallets. Electronic wallets are believed to be the fastest and easiest way to make a deposit. Since they are available all around the globe, you can choose any wallet you want.
  • Credit cards. Since credit cards are the most common online payment method, you can use your credit card and make a deposit without creating new accounts. Do not forget that you can not pay from your credit card if online betting is not allowed in your country.
  • Pre-paid cards. If you don’t want to give your credit card details to betting platforms, pre-paid cards are the best way to pay safely and comfortably.

Choose the best way for depositing and withdrawing money at a betting site.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained 

It is very important to understand how to use the odds to place winning and profitable bets and how cricket betting works in India. Since your winnings depend on the odds, you need to find the most profitable offer to get more money.

What Do Cricket Betting Odds Works?

On any betting website, you can see a lot of available sporting events and special numbers next to every team. These are the odds. There are unique cricket betting odds for every possible outcome of the game. Bookmakers set the odds to show which team is expected to win and to help you calculate your potential winnings.

Read about Cricket Betting Odds

The higher odds are the more profitable bet is.

How Do Cricket Betting Odds Work?

There are several types of cricket betting odds:

  • Decimal Odds (for example, 3.7 and 1.9);
  • Fractional Odds (for example, 7/1 and 5/2);
  • American Odds (for example, +345 and -456).

Odds work in a very simple way. They show what amount of money you can win. If your bet is ₹100 and the odds are 3.7 (Decimal), 7/1 (Fractional), and +345 (American) your winnings can be ₹370, ₹700, or ₹345. Do not forget that there are American odds with a minus sign(for example, -670). In this case, you need to bet ₹670 to win ₹100. At the same time, the odds show who is the most likely to lose. High odds mean that the betting platform doesn’t expect this team to win.

There are several very simple ways to benefit from cricket betting odds. Since you need to find the most profitable odds to place a winning bet, use these short guidelines to win more money on online betting:

  • Look for mistakes. The most profitable odds are often set due to mistakes made by betting platforms. Since their experts do not always make correct predictions, you just need to notice these mistakes and use them to increase your winnings. Remember that local betting companies don’t have a lot of professional experts and it is a wonderful opportunity to place very profitable bets. 
  • Bet on live matches. Live betting is not just the most popular way to place bets online but also a great chance to find the best odds. Since live betting means placing bets after the beginning of the match, betting companies have to constantly change the odds. Having different odds almost every minute means having a great opportunity to place a bet with the highest odds.
  • Analyze the odds. Do not forget to analyze the odds offered by different betting websites and apps. Since international betting giants always try to offer the most profitable odds to find new clients, you can choose the best offer to place your wager.

Follow our advice and your cricket betting will be profitable.

Best Online Cricket Betting Strategies

Betting on cricket doesn’t depend on luck. Players need to use their knowledge and experience to analyze sporting events. Use these cricket betting strategies to win more often.

Read Up and Research Likely Conditions

Every cricket betting expert knows that you should always check the weather forecast. Sun, wind, rain, and many other weather conditions can change the outcome of the match that you are betting on. That is why you need to do a little research beforehand. It is necessary to check where and in what weather conditions the match will take place. Place your wager only if you are sure that nothing can stop you from winning.

Look through the wather forecast to before sport event and placing bets.

Ground History and The Pitch

After checking the weather conditions, the next step is to check the ground history and the pitch. The soil in different countries has different characteristics and these differences can affect the outcome of the match. For example, the soil in countries with warm and dry climates helps fast players move even faster. Ground History & The Pitch analysis is your best chance to predict which players will be in a better position.

It's especially important if you want to place such bets as Innings Runs or Odd/Even Runs.

The Toss

One of the best cricket betting strategies is betting on live matches. They are very popular among professional bettors, who can easily analyze the event and choose the best moment to place a bet. Since it is quite difficult to predict such things as weather, soil, or wind, the best idea is to bet not before but during the match. Live betting is also a great opportunity to find the most profitable odds.

But live-betting does not suit for inexperienced players.

Form of Teams and Players

This is one of the most important preparation steps. You must study and understand the game, popular teams and the most famous players. You don’t need to become a cricket expert, but only knowledge can help you place profitable winning bets. You should be prepared for every match you want to bet on. Since it is very easy to find all the information you need, spend a little bit more time and analyze every tiny detail. Pay attention to the relationships between team members, their health, and their willingness to play. Do not forget to check who is going to play for the team and who will miss the game. It is very important to analyze the predictions of sports experts. Players can use their knowledge and experience to become professional bettors. Be prepared and use your knowledge, not luck.

Knowing the teams conditions and players form will help you to place a right bet and take a chance to win.

In Play Value

There is a unique cricket betting strategy that involves looking after new balls. It may seem quite useless, but there is a logical explanation. Since this new ball is much harder, it flies at a higher speed and can easily damage the bat. That is why even such a small change as a new ball can affect the outcome of the match. You just need to learn to notice such small changes.

Consider all the little details nad thongs while cricket betting.

Selecting a Bookmaker for Cricket Betting

Selecting a bookmaker for cricket betting is your final and most important step. There are hundreds of local and international betting resources available for Indian bettors, but you need to find the best one. Some Indian betting fans and enthusiasts prefer to use local betting services to place bets on local cricket events. You can also use local bookmakers to find some profitable betting offers. However, you should choose International betting resources if you want to place wagers on popular cricket tournaments like the IPL. International betting giants also have many great features to offer.

  • Friendly customer support. Customer support managers can help you deal with any betting-related problems;
  • Wonderful bonuses. You can get great Welcome Bonuses after registration. It is much more comfortable to start betting with free bonus money, free bets, and free spins;
  • Live to bet and live streaming. Since live betting is a wonderful way to find the most profitable odds, having live matches on the platform is a great advantage;
  • Safety. With big companies, you can be sure that your credit card and personal details are safe. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about receiving your winnings. International betting resources take care of their clients and are always ready to help;
  • Profitable odds. Since international betting resources are always fighting for new clients, they try to offer the most profitable odds to attract new customers.

Study all the available features before making a decision about bookmaker to place bet at.

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